In your WP Admin Panel, Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Slider Settings >> Featured slider settings

From here, we can add a slider in the pro version theme with different slide formats, slider images, slider settings and enable/disable slider on the front page. Let’s see all how can we do in the below steps.

1. Adding a Slide

Quality PRO theme has an advanced feature to add slides faster using Repeater control. Following a brief description of all options.

Slider Content – You can add as many slides as you want. Each slide can have the following information:

  • Image: Upload the full-size image for the slide.
  • TitleAdd here the title for your slide.
  • Subtitle: Add subtitle of your slide.
  • Description: Add here the description of your slide.
  • Button Text: Add an optional button to your slide (for example for a Call to Action).
  • Link: You can only add a limited amount of information about the specific slide on the homepage, so if you need to include more information, you can create a dedicated page and link it here.
  • Open link in new tab: You can choose to have the custom link open in a new web tab or in the current one.
  • Slide Format: Choose one of the 3 formats available to show for the content of the slides (Left, Right, Center).

2. Setting up the Slider

After adding up slides, here you have all the options to manage your Slider. Here is a brief description of there options:

  • Enable slider: Check the checkbox to display the slider on the front page and its vice versa.
  • Enable slider image overlay: Use this setting to display/hide a color overlay on the slider image.
  • Select slider animation: Here you can choose between two types of animation: slide and fade.
  • Animation speed: Set here the time interval for the next slide to come, in seconds.
  • Smooth speed: Set the time between which the slide end up its travel, in seconds.

After configuring a slider, you can go to set up a Services section.