You can add as many projects as you want. Quality PRO features filterable projects. This means that you can categorize the projects and allow your users to filter their view according to these categories.

1) Create a Project Category (if you want to take advantage of the filtering features)

To create a categorized portfolio, you need to start by creating your project categories. These will display as filter tabs and allow your viewers to see your projects filtered by specific categories.

To do this, in your WP-Admin Panel, head over to the Projects tab and click on Project categories. Here you will be able to add all opportune categories with which you wish to filter your projects. For our understanding here, we consider creating two categories (i.e. Construction and Interior). You can create as many project categories as you want for your portfolio.

2) Adding Projects to a Portfolio under the selected project categories

You can add a project with specifying project categories. While adding, there are many other optional fields to add up with your project, that makes your project a meaningful. Let’s see all the optional fields you can add while adding a project:

  • Project Details
    a) Link: A hyperlink attached to a project name on the Homepage.
  • Featured Project Details
    a) Clients: Option to save here all your clients.
    b) Website: Optional to add a website link to represent your project.
    c) Button Text: Optional to create a button. You can use a button like as for “Read More”
    d) Button Link: You can link up the Button Text to any link. Check✅ the below checkbox to open the link in a new web tab.