Adding Testimonials in Testimonial Section

In your WP Admin Panel, Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Testimonials Settings >> Homepage Testimonial settings

Here you will see a set of options, Testimonial content is one of them. Via advanced feature of Repeater control, you can add as many testimonials as you want, just need to click on button “+ Add new Testimonial”.  After a click, You will see a new testimonial is added but still you need to fill up the blank fields related to that added Testimonial. Let’s see what are the fields to fill for each testimonial:

  • Enable Testimonial on homepage: You can hide/show the section.
  • Title: The title for your Testimonial will be the Testimonial’s name.
  • Subtitle: An extra to add a name for your Testimonial title as a subtitle.
  • Description: This will be your Testimonial’s quote.
  • Link: You can add a custom link.
  • Open link in new tab: You can choose to have the custom link open in a new web tab or in the current one.
  • Image: Upload your Testimonial’s image.
  • Designation: Use this field to indicate your testimonial’s credentials, titles or other pertinent info.

Settings of the Testimonial section

  • Background Image: Upload an image to be used as the background of your Testimonial section.
  • Title: Add here the title for your Testimonial section.
  • Description: Add here the description for your Testimonial section.
  • Select testimonial animation: Set the type of slide effect either Slide or a Fade effect.
  • Animation speed: Set here the time interval for the next slide to come, in seconds.
  • Smooth speed: Set the time between which the slide end up its travel, in seconds.

After setting up a Testimonial section, you can go to set up the Latest News section.