Funfact briefly describes your business bio. In a summarized way, you can represent your business facts and status. Let’s take a look at how to do settings to achieve it.

In your WP Admin Panel, go to => Appearance => Customize > Funfact settings => Funfact settings

Here you will find all the options to manage your Funfact section. We have also added a Repeater control to make adding Funfact to your section faster. You can add as many Funfacts as you want just via clicking on “+ Add new funfact” button. Following, a brief description about of the available options:

1) Enable Funfact on homepage: You can hide/show this section.

2) Background Image:

  • Click on Select Image and pick one of the images from the Media library (or upload a new one) as background. Default button to set default background.
  • Enable funfact image overlay via check on the checkbox.

3) Funfact image overlay color:

  • Funfact image overlay color option to set a color of the overlay.

4) Funfact content:

  • Title: Title of your funfact.
  • Description: Brief description of your funfact.
  • Icon: If you chose to display an icon from the Font Awesome library, select it here.
  • To delete a Funfact, locate its field and click on “Delete field” in red at the bottom left of the Service field.
  • click on “+ Add new funfact” button to add more Funfact.