You can remove the post meta (author name, category name and the number of comments) associated with every post in the Blog as well as from Archive pages. Archive pages are the pages of posts based on certain criteria. It could be based on certain dates, authors, categories or tags.

In your WP Admin Panel, Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Template Settings >> Blog meta settings

Here check/uncheck the checkboxes to show/hide the post meta from the following pages:

  • Blog pages: Check✅ the checkbox for “Hide post meta from blog pages” to hide post meta from all posts on the Blog page. It is applicable for all Blog pages having templates related to the blog. Like Blog Left Sidebar, Blog Masonry 2 Col, etc.
  • Archive pages: Same as above, check✅ the checkbox for “Hide post meta from archive pages” to hide post meta from all the Archive pages.

Below GIF screenshot will give you a more clear understanding of how to do it: