It is all about setting for the “About Us” template.

Go to Appearance >> Customize >> Template Settings >> About Us page settings

“About Us” template grouped with three sections i.e. Funfact, Team, and Footer Callout section. Means, any page having template “About Us” will come to show up in three sections (Funfact, Team, and Footer Callout section). To hide/show any one of the section, you can do as like in the following:

  • Enable funfact section: To enable the Funfact section to show up, just click to put a tick mark✅ on the checkbox. To hide, just click again on the checkbox to remove tick mark?.
  • Enable team section: Same as above, put a tick mark✅ on the checkbox which enables the Team section to show up. And to hide, just click again to remove the tick mark ?  from the checkbox.
  • Enable Footer Callout section: Same as above, check✅ the checkbox to show up the Footer Callout section. To hide just uncheck ?  the checkbox.

Below GIF screenshot will give you a more clear understanding of how to do it: