Social media is one of the best ways to gain attraction to your main site. If you are popular on social sites, then search engines and new users will be able to pick up on your website. In this theme, You can use social media icon for a different place like header, footer and contact page. You can customize social icon according to you because this theme has supported Social Media Icon Widget Plugin but you can also use another plugin if you familiar with other plugins. Now, I am telling you how to add social media icons. Do the following steps.

1. Install Social Media Icon Widget Plugin?

Firstly, You need to do install Social Media Icon Widget Plugin plugin. This plugin allows users to input their social media website profile URLs and display them in any widgetized area.  How to install a Plugin? Click Here

2. How to Add Social Media Icon Widget for Header, Footer and Contact Page?

Go to => WP-Menu => Appearance=> Widgets

After installing the plugin, You will find social icon widget by the name of “Spice Mailer Social Icons” and you can use this widget anywhere but according to design you can use in Header, Footer, and Contact Page. Refer attach the screen shot.


3. How to Add link in Social Media Icons.

Go to => WP-Menu => Settings => Spice Mailer Social Icons

Here you can find plugin setting options. Now you can add your social profiles in the icons. Refer attach the screen shot.