Templates are the pre-built Web pages to display your content in a managed way. “About Us” template enables your any page (page name most likely to be About Us) to display about your business. Here “About Us” template does this job via displaying Page Content followed by Template Content (Team, Testimonial and Client section). Let we start to see how can we use this template for a page. Follow steps to assign “About Us” template to your About-Us page:

  1. In your Admin Panel, look for the Pages tab and click on “Add New”
  2. Give a name to your About Us page.
  3. Select the template “About Us”. 
  4. Choose whether or not you want your page to display a slider by ticking the appropriate box on the bottom.

Above we have assigned the “About Us” template for About Us page.

As soon as we assigned & save the page, the Page Content gets also saved automatically. Regarding Template Content, its a group of Team, Testimonial, and Client section. All sections should have saved team members, testimonials, and clients respectively. Otherwise, the respective section will not appear on the front end of the page. You can follow the respective links to add Team Members, Testimonials, and Clients.

Settings of “About Us” Template

All sections in About us page (Page Content as well as Template Content sections)  has the option to set/edit their titles. You can even SHOW/HIDE any of the section from the page, just need to check/uncheck the checkbox of respective sections. Testimonial and Client section especially also has the slider effect and we can set their own sliding speeds.

In your WP Admin Panel, go to Appearance => Customizing ▸ Template settings ▸ About us page settings