WordPress plugin installation is very easy. we will show you three different ways you can use to install a WordPress plugin in WordPress.

1. Install Plugin Using Admin Panel Search Option =>

In this method you can install Only free plugins that follow GPL and all WordPress guidelines are in this directory. Log into your WordPress Admin Panel and click on Plugins => Add New

You will see the screen like the one in below screenshot. Type in the plugin name. Then you will see listing of plugin like the example below. You need to click on Install Now button.


Make sure that you click on Activate the plugin, now you have installed the WordPress plugin.


2. Install Plugin Using upload Manually in WP Admin Panel =>

First you would need to download the plugin (. zip file), then go to your WordPress admin panel. Click on Plugin => Add New. Then click on the Upload Tab. Browse the file and upload it (zip files). After successful upload click on Activate link. See below screenshot. Activate process will be same as above steps.


3. Install Plugin Using FTP Method =>

Unzip the package and upload it via ftp in (/wp-content/plugins/) folder.

Now Go to Plugins => Installed Plugins => Activate Your Plugin

Note: If you found this issue “The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini” when installing Plugin.  Now follow this steps.