We can create menu in WordPress based on pages and category. WordPress allows you to create your own menus and menu structure. Using the menu functionality you can create multiple menus and then you can set order specific menu locations on your website. WordPress provided awesome functionality for creating menu. You can drag and drop and easy to setup.

Add a New Menu and Set Order =>

  • Follow these steps for create menu
  • Log in to The WordPress Administration Panel. Now go to Appearance => Menus
  • First, give your menu a name like that Main Menu and click on Create Menu button.
  • you’ll be able to add items to the menu.You can check on the left you have your pages, links, and categories.
  • Select Pages and click on View All.
  • Select every page that you want to have in your menu. If you want them all just click Select All. Next click Add to Menu. Then click on Save Menu.
  • Set your menu order using drag and drop functionality.


Remove a Menu =>

To remove it from the structure, click on the menu item you want to remove. This opens the attributes of that item. Simply click on Remove.