In this tutorial, You can display your project with different way. You can display a specific category’s project on a page. You need to do assign project category as a menu. After that appear in the menu. Now, you can see project showcase of your selected category. This is different things to display project showcase. There is no limit to display category as a menu. You can show multiple categories with multiple pages. Do the following steps. Refer the screenshot.

1. Assign a Project Category as Menu

Go to => Appearance => Menu =>

Here you can see project category. You can select portfolio category then click Add to Menu button. After that arrange menu click on Save Menu button. Refer the screenshot.

2. How to manage Project Category Column Layout Setting?

Go to => Appearance => Customize => Template Settings => Taxonomy Archive Project Template

Here you can see project category archive template settings. Refer the screenshot.

  • Select Column Layout –  Select the layout column like 2,3 and 4 column.
  • Title – Fill the title.
  • Description – Fill the description.