SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. SMTP is used when email is delivered from an email client. SMTP allows you to configure and send all outgoing emails via a SMTP server. Are you having trouble receive emails from your WordPress site? You need to require SMTP plugin to configure mail.  There are many plugins available in WordPress Official Plugin Directory. But you can use Postman SMTP Plugin because this plugin’s setup is very easy. Now, I will explain you, how to configure the SMTP plugin. Refer attach screen shot.

1. How to install Postman SMTP Plugin?

You can download Postman SMTP plugin. Do follow this tutorial to installing a WordPress Plugin. Click Here

2. How to configure Postman SMTP Plugin?

Now, Goto => Plugin => Add New => Find Plugin by the name Postman SMTP.

You can install plugin then activate. After that do follow this steps. Refer attach screen shot for configuration.