1. Buy PRO version

If you want to buy PRO version? You can follow this link. Click Here

2. Downloading the PRO version

After purchased PRO version and login your account then download the PRO version.

3. Upgrade PRO them from Lite

This tutorial will briefly explain how you can upgrade from the Free/Lite theme version to your purchased PRO version. The process is very easy using FTP.

  1. Download your PRO theme package
  2. Deactivate your current lite theme.
  3. Install your PRO theme package using WP-dashboard or paste your theme folder inside [ /wp-content/themes/] using FTP.
  4. Now your PRO theme will displaying in theme settings. Delete Lite theme then activate your PRO theme.

NOTE: After the installation theme, If you are facing some error? It seems happen some time, that the code of a particular file gets garbled into one line during uploading FTP. You need to upload again your theme package. If not resolve your issue? If not resolved your issue. You can create discussion on support forum.