In this tutorial, I will explain how you can translate Webriti WordPress theme into your native language. Our theme is translated readily. You have to not require other translate plugins. There are many modes of translating a website, but this is one best mode of using .pot file. Webriti provides theme with the .pot file. This file can be found in Lang folder. If you did not find this file to do follow this link.

Now create a new .po file from the .pot catalog file, translate all text strings and save the .po file with your language code. There are many steps of this tutorials.


Step 1

The first thing you need to Download POEdit 1.5.6 and install it.

Step 2

Open Poedit => File => Create a new catalog from POT file.

Step 3

Now Catalog Template will open and select the existing pot file (\wp-content\themes\your theme name\functions\lang) and open it.

Step 4

Here you can see catalog properties popup menu will open, no need to make any changes just press ok.

Step 5

In theme, Language folder saves the file with name es_ES.po You can not give the file name your own. It has the specific format. First two letter of language then underscores and two letter of the country name. Do not make any changes in extension.

Step 6

Now all Source text will be extracted here.

Step 7

Choose each text string one by one and write the translated string in the translation box. You can translate string using Google Translate.

Step 8

Finally, save your changes. Translated text will be added automatically in es_ES.po file.

Now you can check the site.

Check resolved ticket related to translating click here