This tutorial will show you how to add services on the home page. You can manage service setting like service icon, service image, service title, service description and read more button. How it looks services in a Health Center Theme as a live demo. Refer attach screen shot.


1. How to Add Service?

There are two steps to display services. Service  Do the following steps.

Step 1 =>

Go to => WP-Menu => Pages => Add New

Here you can add new service like that service name,  service description. After changes, click on Publish. Refer attach screen shot.


Step 2 =>

Go to => WP-Menu => Appearance => Widgets

Here you can find service widget by the name of “WBR : HC Page / Service Widget” and you need to drag this widget on Homepage service section – sidebar area. In this widget you can add service icon, button text & button link. There are no limit to display service. Refer attach screen shot.


2. How to Manage Service Section Title & Description?

Go to => Appearance => Customize =>  Service Section => Service Section Header

Here you can change service section title & description. Refer attach screen shot.


3. Can I Disable Service Section from Homepage?

Go to => Appearance => Customize =>  Service Section => General Section Settings

Yes of course, you can disable the service section from home page using Theme Appearance settings. In this setting you can change service column layout.  Refer attach screen shot.


Video Tutorial