You can find this section above on footer section. In this section you can display your contact number, email etc. Footer callout is useful for promoting specific service and product on your site, such as a Flash Sale. You can easily set the description, button text and link. You can manage all settings from the Appearance Customize. Now, I will explain you, How to configure the callout ? Do following tutorials.


1. How to Manage Footer CallOut Section?

Go to => Appearance => Customize => Callout Section => Footer Callout Section Header

Here you can see all settings of Footer Call Out and manage your content like title, icon and description then Save & Publish. See refer attach screenshot.


2. Can I Disable Footer CallOut Section from Homepage?

Go to => Appearance => Customize =>  Callout Section => General Section Settings

Yes of course, you can disable the Callout section from home page using Theme Appearance settings.  Refer attach screen shot.