FAQ section placed on your home page. In the web world, a FAQ page is created specifically for the visitor, and contains general questions and their respective answers about a particular product or service. Now I will tell you, How to create FAQ? Do following tutorial. Refer attach screen shot.


1. How to Create FAQ?

Go to => WP-Menu => Appearance => Widgets

Here you can find FAQ Widget by the name of “WBR : HC Faq Widget” and you need to drag this widget on Homepage Faq Section – Sidebar  area. In this widget you can add FAQ details. Refer attach screen shot.


2. How to Manage FAQ Section Title ?

Go to => Appearance => Customize =>  FAQ Section => FAQ Section Header

Here you can change FAQ Section Title. Refer attach screen shot.


3. Can I Disable FAQ Section from Homepage?

Go to => Appearance => Customize =>  FAQ Section => General Section Settings

Yes of course, you can disable the faq section from home page using Theme Appearance settings.  Refer attach screen shot.