In this tutorial. You will learn that how to manage Homepage Project section. In this section, you can manage section title and description. You can disable the project section from the homepage through layout manager. Refer the screenshot.

1. How to Add Project?

You can add as many projects as you can just similar to creating a new post. Further for classification, you can assign project under project category. Refer to the below screenshot:

2. How to #manage Homepage Project Setting?

Go to => WP-Menu =>Appearance => Customize => Homepage Section Settings => Project Settings

Here you can manage homepage project settings like that section title and description. You can also disable section from the layout manager. Refer the screenshot.

  • Enable project section on home Page – You can hide or show the section.
  • Title – Enter section the title.
  • Description – Enter the section description.
  • Input number of projects – You can select no. of the projects.
  • Button Text – Enter button label.
  • Button Link – Enter button link.
  • Select category for project – Assign the category to display on the homepage. You can select multiple categories.