This tutorial will show you, how to add services to the home page and service page. You can manage service setting like service icon, service title, service link, service image, and service description. You even can hide/show the complete section from setting. You display service with icon and image. Now I will explain to you how to add services. Refer the screenshot.

1. How to Add a Service?

Go to => WP-Menu => Appearance => Customize > Homepage Section Settings => Service Settings

Here you can add new services like that service section title, service section description, service name, service description, service icon, Service image and service link (you can also redirect to another link).  You can add multiple services. Refer the screenshot.

2. How to select different Service Section Variations?

There are various designs in the service section on the homepage. You can choose anyone which suits best on your site.

Go to Appearance => Customize => Homepage section settings => Service Settings

Design 1

Design 2

Design 3

Design 4

Design 5

Design 6

3. How to Create a Separate Service Page?

Go to => WP-Menu => Pages=> Add New

Firstly, Create a page by the named of Service and Select Service Page Template then Publish the Page. Refer the screenshot

3. How to Remove Team & Client Section from Service Page?

Go to => WP-Menu => Appearance => Customize => Template Settings => Service Page Setting

Here you can see Testimonial & Client section setting to enable/disable. Refer the screenshot.