This tutorial will show you how to add services on the home page and service page. You can manage service setting like service icon, service title, and service description. How it looks services in a Corpbiz Theme as a live demo. Refer attach screen shot.


1. How to add Service?

Here you can add new service like that service name, service icon, service icon color, service description and service link (you can also redirect to another link). After changes, click on Publish. Refer attach screen shot.

Go to => WP-menu => Featured Service => Add New Service


2. How to display Service on Homepage?

Here you can display your services on homepage, how much services you want? You can put the title and description for service section. Refer attach screenshot.

Go to => Appearance => Customize => Home Page => Service Settings

  • Number of service of service section – You can select number for display service on section.
  • Service Title – Enter your service title.
  • Service Description – Enter your service description.




3. How to remove another Sections from Service Page?

If you don’t want another sections on service page. You can hide easily using Theme Appearance. What you can hide sections? See below adn refer attach screenshot.

Go to => Appearance => Customize => Template Settings => Service Template

  • Hide Service Section
  • Hide Project Slider Section
  • Hide Client Section
  • Hide Footer callout Section



4. How to remove Service Sections from Homepage?

If you don’t want service section on homepage. You can hide easily from homepage using Layout Manager.

Go to => Appearance => Customize => Layout Manager