To create the website follow the below steps:

Step 1: Open Site Editor

You can open the Site Editor in types:

Open from Dashboard:

If you are on the WordPress dashboard, Go to Appearance >> Editor to open the site editor.

Open from Frontend:

If you are on the site front-end, you will see the wp-admin bar at the top of the page, click on the “Edit Site” to open the site editor

Step 2: Access the Page Templates and Template Parts

Two ways to access the page templates and template parts.

Page Templates:

A. Click on the “Browse all templates” option, then the sidebar will appear, click on the “Templates” option and your list of templates will appear.

B. Click on the “WordPress” icon then click on the “Template” option and your list of templates will appear.

Template Parts:

Follow the same way of the page templates for template parts. Click on the “WordPress” icon then click on the “Template Parts” option and your list of template parts will appear. Click on one of the template parts to start editing it and click Add New to add the new template.

Step 3: Add Logo, Site Title, and Menu

You can add/edit the site title, tagline, site logo, and menu, to customize the following using the below steps:

Add the Logo

Add/Edit Site Title & Tagline:

Add Menu:

Edit Menu:

If you want to edit the menu like color, typography, menu size, space between menus, etc. Go to Site Editor >> Settings icon (At the top of the right side) >> Select menu >> Edit the menu from the right side Block panel

Step 4: Adding the Patterns

To add the patterns to your website, Go to Site Editor >> Click ‘+’ sign(Top left side at the top) >> Patterns >> Select Approach:Layout from the drop down menu >> Add the Approach patterns

Step 5: Edit the Patterns Content

Firstly, click on the pattern content that you want to edit and customize it. You can select the pattern content of three types:

Click on the section itself:

Click on any of the individual block patterns to replace any text, move them around, delete blocks, etc.

 List View:

List View is a new tool to help you navigate between layers of content and nested blocks. It will remain open as you navigate through your content. This makes it easy to move between the exact pieces of content you want to change, whether that’s an individual Paragraph block at the very end of a post or a Columns block.

Footer Interface Bar:

You can select any paragraph, column, group, etc. from Footer Interface Bar that you want to edit.

To customize the section, click on the three dots(options) and select any actions like Copy, Duplicate, Insert before, Insert after, remove, Edit as HTML, etc.

Step 6: Set the static Homepage

To set the static homepage or blog page, follow the below steps:

Go to WordPress dashboard >> Settings >> Reading >> Your homepage displays >> set the following pages


To set the homepage, you can select the “Business” template.


To set the blog page, you can select the “Default” template.