In this tutorial we can build SEO friendly URL structure.  This feature allows you to choose URL’s for your custom  posts by editing their slugs through Appearance Customize. Here you can change slug for Team Post Type Slug, Portfolio Post Type Slug, Portfolio Category Type Slug and Testimonial Post Type Slug. Now, I will explain you how to change Custom Post Type Slug.


1. What is Post Type Slug?

The post slug is the user friendly and the URL a valid name of a post. The Most common usage of this feature is to create a SEO friendly URL’s. If I am taking about post type slugs.  As you can see above, I explained already  all custom post type in this theme. Where can we find the post slug? For e.g. we will find portfolio slug.

When you will create a portfolio. You can see portfolio slug below on portfolio title. Refer attach screen shot.


2. How to change Post Type Slug?

Go to => Appearance => Customize => SEO Friendly URL => Post Type Slug Setting

We have already fixed default slug for all custom post type. But you can use your own SEO friendly slug. Now, you can change All Custom Post Type Slug.


Note: After Changing slug don’t forget to save permalinks.without saving, the old permalinks will not revise. Refer attach screen shot. 


If you prefer a Video Guide, please watch this tutorial