1. What is the Appointment Info Details?

Display your contact details on homepage below on the slider. Using Appointment Info Details Features you can display contact number, email and office time with icon. You can use another content as you need. Do the following tutorial. Refer attach screen shot.


2. How to manage info details?

Manage your all content of  using widget. You can find easily this widget on widget page.  Now, I will explain to you. How to use WBR : Info Widget widget.

Go to Appearance => Widgets =>

1. First, Here you can find widget by name of WBR : Info Widget  and you need to drag this widget on Left Widget Area Below SliderCenter Widget Area Below SliderRight Widget Area Below Slider widget area. In this widget you can manage content like title, icon & description. Refer attach screen shot.


How to get more icons?

We used Font Awesome in this theme. Enter only class name of your icons. See below screenshot.  Click Here

If you prefer a Video Guide, please watch this tutorial