Select MailChimp option using dropdown in form setting. You need to MailChimp API Key. If You want to integrate MailChimp. How we get API Key? You can go ahead with this UR.

After get API you need to enter API Key input field then click on “Refresh” button. If You have created any list in Your MailChimp account it will show in list dropdown. Otherwise you need to create list in MailChimp.

Your visitor emails will store in database. If You want display Name field for input? Please check “Display name field”. You can check your all subscriber in “Subscriber List” and can take any action (like delete all, delete multiple and export all). You can generate .CSV file of your all subscriber.

Go to => Webriti Coming Soon Pro => Notification Form Settings => Select MailChimp

  1. Name Field -> Select checkbox if you want to show name field on form field in coming soon page.
  2. API Key ->Enter Your API Key.
  3. List -> Select you MailChimp list.