Enable container settings using ON/OFF button. After enable you will get settings of container like container color, container position (left, right, center), container effects (None, Shadow, Glow), container size (enter in size), container border (enable border with border size in pixel and define border color), border corner radius and container opacity. In this feature you can customize container according to you.

Go to => Webriti Coming Soon Pro => Container Settings

  1. Enable Container ->You can Enable or Disable Container using this button.
  2. Container Color -> Choose container background color.
  3. Container Position -> Select container background position.
  4. Container Effects -> Select container effects like that none, shadow and glow.
  5. Container Size -> Set container width in Pixel.
  6. Container Border -> Set container border in Pixel.
  7. Container Corner Radius -> Set container corner radius in pixel.
  8. Container Opacity -> Set container opacity.


You can see output here  ->