Testimonial slider is an intuitive feature in the plugin. It will rotate all testimonial one by one. We have provided slider related settings like that column, slider effects, slider navigation, navigation text, pagination, and mobile swiping. You can see all settings from the plugin setting. Now I will explain to you how to manage testimonial slider settings. Refer the screen shot.


How to manage testimonial slider settings?

Go to => Testimonial => Slider Settings

Here you can manage all settings of the slider. Refer attach the screen shot.

  • Columns – Select testimonial column one to four.
  • Slide Effects – You can change slider effects like Fade & Slide
  • Hide Slider Navigation – If you don’t want slider navigation. You can hide using this setting.
  • Next Link Text – You can change the text for “Next” button.
  • Previous Link Text – You can change the text for “Prev” button.
  • Hide Slider Pagination – If you don’t want slider pagination. You can hide using this setting.
  • Hide Slide Effect On dragging mouse or swiping the finger in mobile devices – Check this feature to disable mouse dragging or swiping.